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Sinner Mind


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Maggots on innards are crawling
Through my fingers I hold
Perversion and mental disorder
In my game you're taking your role

I'm going to put you into pieces
Don't worry I'm taking my part
In this bloody scenery
To leave you under the ground

As victim you filled my pleasure
Ripping your guts with hate
Back again to my labour
I'll give you immortality

It's time to kill with obsession
With hope of tearing your flesh
In hysteria and abomination
I'm going to feed myself

Maimed, you look so nice
I can't stop the knife
Homicides into the nights
Taking now your mortal life
Satisfy my sinner mind

Murder 'em... Kill 'em
Rip 'em... Maim 'em
Murder 'em... Kill 'em
... By my sinner mind

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