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Damn Laser Vampires

Damn Laser Vampires

Damn Laser Vampires tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Dancing Disease", "That Thing You Have", "Gotham Beggars Syndicate".

171 acessos

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  1. Bracadabro
  2. Car Disaster
  3. Creepy Thing
  4. Dancing Disease
  5. Demolición (Cover de Los Saicos)
  6. Everybody Were Stoned
  7. Gotham Beggars Syndicate
  8. Graveyard Polka
  9. Greets To The Gang
  10. Greyhawk Road
  11. Hit Me Like a Man
  12. I Wanna Be An Old Bitch
  13. Let's Get Drunk Together
  14. Louvre
  15. M.I.
  16. Next Time You Ride
  17. No Repent
  18. Rise Weirdo Army
  19. Saint of Killers
  20. Shadowmaker
  21. Shiva Bop
  22. Sprawl
  23. That Thing You Have
  24. The Devil is a Preacher
  25. The Mo
  26. Three-gun Mojo

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