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Communic tem o estilo Heavy Metal e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Frozen Asleep in the Park (tradução)", "Through The Labyrinth Of Years", "Watching It all Disappear (tradução)".

269 acessos

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  1. At Dewy Prime
  2. Becoming Of Man
  3. Communication Sublime
  4. Conspiracy In Mind
  5. Denial
  6. Destroyer Of Bloodlines
  7. Facing Tomorrow
  8. Flood River Blood
  9. Fooled by the Serpent
  10. Fooled by the Serpent (tradução)
  11. Frozen Asleep in the Park
  12. Frozen Asleep in the Park (tradução)
  13. History Reversed
  14. Hurt
  15. In Silence With My Scars
  16. My Bleeding Victim
  17. My Fallen
  18. Ocean Bed
  19. On Ancient Ground
  20. Payment Of Existence
  21. Raven's Cry
  22. Silence Surrounds
  23. Stone Carved Eyes
  24. The Abandoned One
  25. The Bottom Deep
  26. The Distance
  27. They Feed On Our Fear
  28. Through The Labyrinth Of Years
  29. Under a Luminous Sky
  30. Under a Luminous Sky (tradução)
  31. Unpredictables Of Life
  32. Voyage Of Discovery
  33. Watching It all Disappear
  34. Watching It all Disappear (tradução)
  35. Waves of Visual Decay
  36. Waves of Visual Decay (tradução)
  37. Wayward Soul

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