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(The names have been changed to protect the innocent)
[ Dr. Dre ]
Ah yeah
Right about now C.I.A. is in effect
My name is Dr. Dre their producer
And we gon' cold get retarted
A little somethin like this
[ Kid Dee ]
All the guys act eerie (why?) I don't know
Cause I am Darryl (but I'm not Joe)
[ Ice Cube ]
Posse 1 to the mic, Ice Cube (that's you)
[ Kid Dee ]
(Kid Dee) that's me, I'm Posse 2
[ Ice Cube ]
Sir Jinx is without a doubt Posse 3
3rd to the cut, boy, evidently
[ Kid Dee ]
Funky fresh, freshly-funky Kid Dee is coldly-coolin
And my boys, we bust out on the west cause I am rulin it
Schoolin it, boy, and you don't want none
Much like a 808 because my bass hums
[ Ice Cube ]
I am ill gettin iller, Ice Cube is illustratin it
A brand new cut, keep the b-boys hatin it
Don't get paid, but that's alright
I got the riches of a king when I hold the mic
[ Kid Dee ]
Ill-legal gettin busy, a strong black villain
Ice Cube (Sir Jinx) Kid Dee (what - chillin)
(West Coast style)
(The names have been changed to protect the innocent)
[ Ice Cube ]
Now Ice Cube's gettin busy, my girls are dizzy
Always on the scene with the schoolyard skizzy
Posse 2 playin, def rhyme-sayin
And at the Snooty Fox is where I'm stayin
[ Kid Dee ]
????????, pizza man-jacking
Always in a daze and my mouth keeps yapping
Crenshaw dweller, mix tape seller
Cute with the loot plus I'm a fresh fella
[ Ice Cube ]
G-g-g-girlie abuser, 8Ball user
I hold the title of the Crenshaw cruiser
Bark like a beagle, word's ill-legal
f**k Boy [edited] and drive-by Seagal
[ Kid Dee ]
Kool-Aid I guzzle which makes me puzzled
Moms on my tip, bought her a new muzzle
Ugly girls shakin, miniskirt-takin
Ice Cube (oh yeah) Kid Dee's money-makin
(Hold it)
(Go) (go) (go) (go) (go)
(L.A. is the place)
(Ah yeah)
(4 and) (3 and) (2 and) (1) (what up) --> Beastie Boys
[ Ice Cube ]
Had the girlies here early morning, all of them fine
Pushing and shoving, wasn't even in line
Out here to see me do my thing
Car stopped, door opened, out steps the king
Buggin and sluggin, to wreck the car
You know why, Kid Dee, cause I'm a rap star
Girl kissed my hand and fell to her knees
Said, "Hold it everybody, no autographs please"
[ Kid Dee ]
Well me I'm Kid Dee, I stepped out next
I don't smoke but I'm down for music and sex
I'm the big star and it ain't no thing
Let facts be facts, I'm down with the king
Tryin not lyin, I keep my profile low
And wouldn't you know they still ripped my clothes
Knocked me off my feet, right on my seat
Girls caused a riot, bodyguards got beat
(Is that right?)
[ Sir Jinx ]
Now Jinx was last to hit the party
Girls was touchin all on my body
Suckin and grabbin, ripped and torn
The crew was bonin out to the backstage door
Females went nuts, pinchin my butt
Funky fresh Filas kicked the door shut
Huffin and puffin cause we ran far
[ all ]
So we rushed the dressing room with the biggest star
Ill-legal, y'all
(West Coast style) --> C.I.A.
(Raised in L.A.) --> Ice-T
(From L.A.)
(The names have been changed to protect the innocent)
[ Kid Dee ]
He is so conceited but he don't show it
[ Ice Cube ]
Who me Ice Cube? (Word up) You know it
Broke my leg and I had to hobble
Still did the wop, still quick to squabble
[ Kid Dee ]
Well, I'm jammin not slammin, don't give a goddamn and
When I go out to eat it's caviar not salmon
(Why not?) Cause it's in stereo
[ both ]
And when we perform, here's how it goes
[ Ice Cube ]
Now Jinx's out first, cause that's our style
But when my Filas hit the stage, the crowd went wild
Jinx cuts the beat cause he's the band
I grab the microphone and I throw the mic stand
[ Kid Dee ]
I threw my hands high cause I need to be seen
I go second to the mic cause that's the routine
I introduced him and he'd do it for me
Yo, that's Ice Cube (and that's Kid Dee)

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