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I don't mind being alone
I don't mind seeing that i'm here on my own
It's the choice that i've chosen
And maybe we're all opening our eyes
To wise men inside
Who goves answers to questions
And makes like a lesson
In hoping to the point of denial

All the way to the earth from the sky
Newely made today so i sink when i fly
It's in the way that i walk crooked lines
Gaining strength all the time
And by the ocean i'm told we'll all be the same
A thousand pieces of an ocean arriving and changing

Wait for the way when we'll evaporate
I don't mind being scared
I don't mind seeing that i'm under-prepared
It's the life that i've chosen

And the way that it's going
Shows that i ought to give into my thoughts
The philosopher's prayer: please show me i'm here
So that i can be okay to go
We'll evaporate, we'll evaporate...
We'll change, we'll change

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