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Over The Light


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I don't wanna be fashion
Just wantto found my style
I don't wanna be an icon
Just fix the humanity,while
I give the world someone to believe
If you're searching me
You probably listen to me
Oh! Never going wrong
Never going right

Over the light
That holy light bless all my life
Over the light
I feel that I can swiming on the blue skies.
Goddess give me the power to realise
All the things that I want to be mine
I swear, I gonna be good or I can try
I know that I can found the holy light
Over the light
It's not religion,it's magic! Not lies.
It's cruel think all about me
Is so hard to think that you need me?
All that I want is dangerous for me
Is so easy see a world without me?
I can see you when the light touch your skin
Is danm hard to think that you leave me
I can revange but I don't want this
I don't need that anyone likes me (oh)
Never going wrong
Never going right

Open the doors let the shine light enter
Inside of my heart, it's like a fantasy
I'm creepy, I'm a mage and I'm a barbarian king
But now the holy light shine inside of me.
I'll never going wrong
I'll never going right
Whatever you say
I'm over the light.

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