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Cemetary 1213


Cemetary 1213

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Out of the flames
Burned black from shame
We rule again
No need to hide
The purest pride
We kill again
Whatever's lost - at any cost
We claim our ground
What blood may spill
The perfect kill
Without a sound

Annihilation's pretty sweet
Our hearts are pure hate
You can't stop the beat

The bastard sons / the no. 1
Not of man but pure machine
The antisoul / the antiblood
Compassion's dead and so are you
Flick the switch - the killing itch
Now watch it burn, burn, burn
The antisoul / the antiblood
Not of man but pure machine

With blazing eyes and havoc cries
We storm the world
The 13th freeze
Down on your knees
We crush the world
Our ice cold fear
The darkest sphere
So blessed be
Antimatter thru
Connects the crew
We're your destiny

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