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Caty Cat

Don't Look Behind

Caty Cat

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I still keep thinking of you,
C'mon get out om my mind,
You've got my soul but i've got to be free,
I've got to be out of that fight.

You kept my heart in your hands,
Even when i wanted to learn how to hate ya,
And everytime i looked at your face,
I kept looking in another too.
Damn it

Pain fills my heart full with rage,
And then i feel how much i'd like to kill you,
You and the feelings witch make me see,
That you dont care a shit about me!

Tell me why
I'm still shouting your name in my dreams??
And please tell my why
I always burst out in tears an cry...??

Go out,go out,just get the fuck away from me,
Go back,go back,go back there where you used to be
Go out, go out, walk along dont look behind,
Good bye, good bye,good bye and stay aout of my mind.

I hate that table,
But cant stop looking over,
You'd better stop crossing my way,
Till this fuckin' wound is okey...

I wont ever understand
Why its so hard to get free,
I just want you to stop,
Throwing glances at me.

Never keep feelings alive,
If they welcome the death,
They're tired to live
So just cut up that breath.

C'mon tell my why
I'm still shouting your name in my dreams?!
And please tell my why,
I always burst out in tears and cry?!


Tell my why....
You're so damn fucked up,fucked up fucked up fucked uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup


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