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Cathie Ryan

Cathie Ryan

Cathie Ryan tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Carrick-A-Rede", "Eveline", "When Detroit Was Burning".

189 acessos

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  1. A Mháithrín, A' Leigfeá 'Un Aonaigh Mé?
  2. As The Evening Declines
  3. At The Foot Of Knocknarea
  4. Be Like The Sea
  5. Carrick-A-Rede
  6. Dark Moll Of The Glen
  7. Erin's Lovely Home
  8. Eveline
  9. Follow The Heron
  10. Garden Valley
  11. Grace O'Malley
  12. High On A Mountain
  13. Home By Bearna
  14. Home Sweet Home
  15. I'm Going Back
  16. In My Tribe
  17. It's A Long Road That Has No Turn
  18. Love And Freedom
  19. Lovely Willie
  20. Ned Of The Hill
  21. Rough And Rocky
  22. Shades Of Gloria
  23. So Here's To You
  24. Somewhere Along The Road
  25. The 12th Of July (Lament For The Children)
  26. The Farthest Wave
  27. The Lights Of San Francisco
  28. The Wild Flowers
  29. The Yellow Bittern
  30. Understanding Love
  31. Wave Up To The Shore
  32. We Dreamed Our Dreams
  33. What Will You Do, Love?
  34. When Detroit Was Burning
  35. White Dress
  36. You And I In The One Bed Lie

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