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Dirty Song

Cars Can Be Blue

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I've begun to question the ways you count your love
We've been holding hands now for quite long enough
Just so happens that the way to this heart of mine
Might seem a bit unusual so I'll lay it on the line

You can sodomize me
Get behind and ride me
Stuff your cock inside me
Proceed to fuck me blindly

You might think I'm dirty if I let you have your way
That's the way that boys and girls have been raised to play
If you can't control yourself in saying something more
I can think of things to do with that mouth of yours

You can eat me out
With that dirty mouth
Throw me on the couch
Do it then get out...

We don't have to do anything if you don't want
We can just look into eachother's eyes
And masturbate

Two three four!

Promise not to take from you without me giving back
Love is love is love is love but this just isn't that
Take a shower when we're done but this won't wash away
If you keep me satisfied I might let you stay

I will suck you off
Choke me with your cock
Blow it on my face
Your load I want to taste...

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