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You're all doomed! You're all doomed!
A drowning
Evil Prevails
A small boy
Hell's got a plan to sell
For more then 20 years he's locked in horror
Until one faithful night, the onslaught begins
Mommy's brought to the boiling point
Nerves gone awry
They killed my baby
Now they're gonna die
Too much sex, too much thrills
Not enough attention, he was killed
They should have kept this place closed down
I'm gonna bring them down (tonight!)
Rain and thunder, the perfect background
For the knife welding mentally unsound
13...Only in my dreams
13...More real then it seems!
Mommy's dead, baby saw
Now it's time to roll the ball
Annihilate, decapitate
All the intruders into his world
With a knife or an axe
He will attack
One foot into his domain
You're never coming back
Breaking the silence
Across the lake filled with decay
Another summer camp
Jason paves his way
A sack to hide his face
A childhood of disgrace
Lead to his percission
Which will lead to your incision
13...Only in my dreams
13...Will make you scream!
A return, former victim
Forced to face, forced to task
He dons his hockey mask
And wavers a sharp machette blade
An Act of violence to match the pounding rain
Against the barn door where he loses his life
Or does he?
He's never gonna die
A time to cool, a time to reflect
In the hospital, he detects
A loophole in a unsqueeky hinge
He restarts his killing binge
Back home to the killing grounds
To the lake, to protect his bounds
More invaders they must be learned
To come to his home, you will be burned!
The key, a master of FX

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