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Sing A Song

Captain Jack

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Sing sing a song
Sing a song for love and happiness
Come on - sing a song
For the boys and girls around the world

A catchy melody
That will set your spirits free
Come on and sing sing a song
Take the right way not the wrong
And sing this song

Rap 1:
Come on and sing
And free your mind, ma thing
Seemend left behind, who cares
It's all about, to share

So don't forget your day has come
Your head into the sun
The music makes you free
Don't hurry and you'll see

That love should rule the world, be strong
Don't be afraid you're wrong
Maybe it takes some time
But when you start to smile

You lighten up the day and all
So could you hear my call
And you will be the king
So do believe and sing

Refrain: .....

Rap 2:
So fine,
You make me feel so fine
I'm gonna make you mine
You know that I am honest

But my baby give us time
To hurry that means crime
There is no need to worry
When you're too fast I'm sorry

Come and start to free yourself
Stop sittin in your shelve
Come out and use your wings
And learn again to fly

Believe in what tomorrow brings
It's just a simple thing
You can be queen or king
You only have to sing

Refrain: ....

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