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That's What I Left To You

Caps Lock

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Take it away and bring it back to me
From today to a day that gonna be
Say it loud to break the silence in my mind
Say it proud, I'll never leave your words behind

Than take my hand and show me how you feel
When I scream at you even staying in silence
That's what I left to you, some words and thoughts
That's what I need to hear from you

Make your choice and take me there
I tried to live and die to save your life
But now I rest my soul

I've lost my pride to make you shine
To make you better, to bring you light
And this, I say, it's not enough
But I can't stay, hiding in a smile

Day in, day out, I'm going down
I did too much, I can't stand by now
So if you want me, you gotta choose
Before I'll blow and say goodbye

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