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A Momentary Bliss

Capricious Alchemy

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When it's out there, It's all I see,
I am blinded by it's shine,
When I own it, all will regard me,
For I have a state to define.

This urge inside tells of a necessity,
"Must posses or perish!"
My existence is a calamity,
But I claim this path to cherish.

A temporary bliss is what I seek,
Deep down I know it won't last,
And this sought that makes me bleak,
Yet I don't want to be their outcast.

"Me, Myself and I" is what I only know,
And the care I take is for me alone,
For this mortal being is all I got,
And this possesive world is my only thought.

I set in my mind,
(That) it's the key to be free,
A better person perhaps,
A role model maybe.

It serves my very existence to consume,
"Must waste, not spare is the key to bloom",
Little did I know that it's the way to gloom,
For all I really am is a capitalist (world's) tool.

I am living a momentary bliss.

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