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Common Walls


8 acessos

I tremble beneath my falling senses
All shapes turning grey
Postpone every direction
My remains within fade

Scaling common walls in unrest
Minds flawed by expectations
The grasp of time for long gone
Search the past for revelations

Sunken eyes
Moment still clear
Forced to see
Myself in need

Mind in wait
For new ways to be
Eager to flee
To the stars

In tiresome circles I've been lost
All tracing to the dead side here
In tiresome circles I've been lost
Levels not profound my present still
My strive sunken down to levels low
All tracing to the dead side here
Have to scale these common walls again
Levels not profound by present still

Another bleak line
A scratch into the wall
One day defined
Welcoming my fall

Swiftly strafing
Still nimble as goals set my pace
Turning bleak
My lacking will fades

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