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As He Meant It To Be

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If anything were wrong, it wouldn't take long
Anyone that is weak, would end up being strong
We would walk hand in hand, and love our fellow man
As He meant it to be.

If I had a few wishes, I see things done right
I'd end all the darkness, and bring eternal light
I'd see His love shared, and everyone would care
As He meant it to be.

Every child'll have a smile, and be living in style
Love would touch every soul, it would always show
Sickness and misery, are things that wouldn't be
And love is all that we'd see

Repeat Chorus:

The sun would always shine, we'd leave tears behind
We'd love all our neighbors, and we'd all be real kind
We'd all have someone, we'd all get to laugh
As He meant it to be

Repeat Chorus:

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