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Cali freeways

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I want it stop
This dreary situation
I need more from you
I need some imagination

I don't know why
We're still together
I can't believe you said
We'd live it forever

I whispered it from the start
That this wouldn't go
And I wasn't the only one
Who said we wouldn't flow

I appreciate you
But you don't get me
I tried my hardest
For you to see

This is it now
It's been way to long
Yeah I liked it for awhile
But that feeling is gone

?I know you can do better than me?
Don't say this please
You want another reason
For me to leave?

They say love is blind
And that is so true
You can't see me
But I can see you

I don't know what love is
I can only guess
But seriously, this can't be it
Cause we're in a huge mess

I also think
I know you too well
Maybe I didn't leave
Cause you've been through hell

Sure, say it
I'm low and shallow
But it's the truth or at least
How I feel now

But then I remember
All those days
When we got closer
In so many ways

?Our love was comfortable?
Said John so nice
And I really worry
Cause he says it precise

He still missed her
After he moved to better
He always would miss it
Cause they could've been forever

So maybe I do love you
I wish I would be told
I'm so confused
I've lost all hold

I see better things
And I almost really cheat
But then I see your face
And it takes away the heat

Cause I seriously can't
It's impossible to leave
You make my goal
Impossible to achieve

So now I think
Try to figure things out
Cause I don't know
What my thoughts are about

My mind is vast
Like a wave filled ocean
And all you bring now
Are hurricanes of emotion.

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