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Faces Of Death

Cali Agents

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My raps collapse the wackest like ??? accidents
Trasing my steps is part 1,2 and 3 the faces of death
Ey yo recognise the real fake emcees get done
Splashing the hapness on some hungry sh*t plus jus to have fun
You can catch me on the run but ain't no tracin my steps
Step on my toes or play me close and meet the faces of death

[verse 2 - planet asia]
Yes,yes y'all one more time for dolo emcee
You know the name is still the same like polo
I'm uncontrollable like that
No need for running from what you can't see
So just get ready for the comin ill verses
I spit it at you for the f**k of it
Before you spill first my subconscience won't allow for the tip
Against your foul mouth
The overplace is totally placed
So doctor shine out
F**k around and you's about to find out how it started
I snatched the mic from my counciller in the forth grade
I tore the whole motherf**kin house up
So courage ain't sh*t i stays competition crushin
These cats hella abstract and ain't sayin nothin
It's bleedy eyes red dotted in the facial
And if i don't know your name then that just means i misplaced you
A lotta motherf**kers say i smoke too much
But know what?a lotta motherf**kers joke too much
Who keeps the joint movin?it's planet asia ya'll
Straight from the cali agents off the mic if you don't know what you're doin
So give it here and don't say nothin
I stays huntin while other cats stays frontin you know
Now pop your collar to this leader to follow like it's tradition
As i manourve through the sound system


Last but not least i send this out to my audian squad who never shorted me
Thank you for supportin me
Forever always what would the jewels recordin me another hot one
My sh*t makes dj's hands horny for wax only
Ya'll niggas don't want me to talk sh*t
Snatch a fifth from out the closet on some blowin the dart sh*t
(that's why the ?? greene)
Every outcome shall be jumpin till the very last drop
Until the blood stops pumpin (that's how we smash)
We roll until the wheels fall off, i got off verbal sort of
Live a lot the body sort of stinkin
Full of stinks for tryin to represent in the wrong place
Against some closed up like what the f**k you thinkin
(you gotta recognise)
Ain't another cat more fit for the position of a soldier only out to rip sh*t
[chorus x2]

And you don't stop
And you don't quit
Planet asia,ricky shay
What the f**k you thought
And you don't stop
Cali agent school yard
And you don't stop
??? cali in the place to be like...

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