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Here I am, here I stand
Took a picture of my hand
Bet you can tell it's not mannicured
Here I am, half a man,
I'm not a doctor, I'm not a tan
And I never helped the score
I drive to fast, the team picked me last
I break the rules and like it
My body curves, I forget the words
I missed the serve and lost it

All my flaws to see
But you still love
Love me

Here I am face down
Sometimes I smile or frown
But it depends on the time of day
Here I go off the road
I spend cash on my clothes when I still have bills to pay
My skin isn't clear
Haven't spoken in a year
'Cause I still have fears I'm tryin' to overcome
My truths aren't right
My jeans are too tight
When I pick a fight I turn to run

All my flaws to see
But you still love, love me
You still love me

Even when I sin I don't fit in
'Cause I've been burned when I waited my turn
Don't act my age I don't want too
Call it a fase call me a taboo
Won't do as I'm told to believe
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Oh, oh, oh

All my flaws to see
You still love, love me yay
You still love oh oh
You still love me

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