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Caïna tem o estilo Indefinido e suas músicas de sucesso são: "None Shall Die", "Constantine the Blind", "Tobacco Beetle".

86 acessos

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  1. Constantine the Blind
  2. Hideous Gnosis
  3. Inside the Outside
  4. Intro: Manuscript Found in Unmarked Grave, 1919
  5. Morgawr
  6. None Shall Die
  7. Permaneo Carmen
  8. Petals and Bloodbowls
  9. Requiem for Shattered Timbers
  10. Satanikulturpessimis
  11. Temporary Antennae
  12. Ten Went Up River
  13. The Mother
  14. The Sleep of Reason
  15. The Validity of Hate within an Emotional Vacuum
  16. Them Golds and Brass
  17. Tobacco Beetle
  18. Willows and Whippoorwills
  19. Wormwood Over Albion

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