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The Hypnotist - Sisterlove

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Individually, and collectively, we can raise the consciousness of the people of this planet, so that each of us will be viewed as members of the same family, who are here to claim their birthright of unconditional love and oneness. If we don't do it, who will?
Relax. For is now time to cleanse your body of negative emotion of anger, fear, jealosy and hate. To accomplish this cleansing, the next breath that you take will increase the size of your body, actually expanding, from 3 to 6 inches, larger than it is right now. Expand your body out even further, maybe from 6 to 12 inches. Just let it expand in your mind and in your imagination. And now, to cleanse the body of negativity, experience that rising from the floor and moving out to this expanded consciousness of the body, is a viable transporting plane. And you can experience this finally getting to radiate, radiate, radiate out of the body. And wherever the plane moves, the negative emotions of anger, fear, jealosy and hate, are getting consumed and transfered, into the higher vibrations of love and unconditional acceptance. Higher in vibrations. Higher in vibrations. Higher, higher, radiate, radiate, radiate.
Allow the plane to dive down. Place your awareness in your heart, and visualize it as a great cathedral, with bad high ceiling, high..., and long passage ways. Scroll along this halls, and see them permeated with the color pink, and I'll return to you in one moment's time.
Next, move your consciousness to your tyroid gland, and visualize it as a powerful generating station. Scroll through this station, taking note of the many outpumping motors, and see everything surrounded, with the vitality of a pink white, until next you hear my voice.
Place your consciousness in your penile, and experience there a throne, and you step upon the throne sustained by the loving colour coffee. And project this onto the planet, until you next hear my voice.
Now go back into the heart centre again. And when you arrive in the heart centre the colour now is gold. And the cathedral there is with a high, bolted ceiling and long passage ways. And as you scroll along the halls you will see them permeated with the color gold, until you next hear my voice.

Begin. Place your consciousness in your heart. Visualize it as a great cathedral. Scrolling along the hallways, you see them permeated with the color, royal blue, until you next hear my voice. Now place your consciosness in your pituitary gland, and see there the earth and its many people, upon a medium proyective of beautiful, royal blue color. I'll return in one moment's time. Now you're moving your consciousness onto your penile, and there's a throne, and you seat yourself upon the throne, sustained by the colour royal blue, and you project this colour to the people in the earth, and you raise your consciousness, and you also raise theirs. And you will stay in this higher level of consciousness, functioning normally and naturally, for an indefinite period of time, and you'll be continually meditating, for this point. I am leaving you

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