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Britt Nicole

Welcome To The Show

Britt Nicole

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Now's the time, get in line, don't be afraid tonight
We're gonna take you high, before you realize
'Round and 'round you'll go, up and down, never slow
Feel the excitement grow, oh
This is where you let go

Hands high like a roller coaster
This love is taking over
Take us higher here we go
Oh, oh, oh
Welcome to the show
Gravity we're defying
'Cause we were made for flying
We're about to lose control
Welcome to the show

Oh, oh, we're on a mission nothing, nothing, can stand
in our way
Oh, oh, we don't need permission
We're gonna rise up and we'll be the change
Oh, oh, hear us on your stereo
Oh, oh, we're about to lose control
Oh, oh, everybody knows
Oh, oh, this is where you let go

And put your hands u-u-up
We're gonna have some f-u-u-n
We've only just beg-u-u-n
And it's too late to r-u-u-n, you can't run
So put 'em u-u-up
We're gonna have some f-u-u-n
Turn up the bass let it b-u-u-mp
We've only just begun, and you can't run

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