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Bone Crusher


Bone Crusher

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[Chorus w/ police sirens, and honking horns]
[Bone Crusher] You about to approach
"Danger, danger, danger, danger
Danger, danger... {*scratch: danger*}
Danger, danger, danger, danger..."
[Bone Crusher] You fuckin with me! You about to
"Danger, danger, danger, danger
Danger, danger... {*scratch: danger*}
Danger, danger, danger, danger
Danger, danger, danger, danger"

[Bone Crusher]
Yeah! Thug nigga, make that paper
A big Chevy 57 Bel-Air
And niggaz wanna know why I really don't care
Nigga, ha, I dare a nigga step up
Until his ass fucked up, I let the tommy throw up
Yeah! And scared money don't make money
Yeah, and bein broke ain't never funny
Nigga, I represent them streets
From the asphalt pimpin to the 40's on my feet
Nigga, so pump your brake like Midas nigga
An ass-whoopin is the price


You 'bout to push a 155 pound nigga
Quick to come in your hood and lay your ass down
Best believes I don't play around nigga
Leave it up to Beaver and we'll both lay ya down
Cause this a new trend brought from the South nigga
Where nigga wear afros and golds in they mouth nigga
And have you waitin for a long time like Snickers
Or catch me in the Bassment talkin bitches with my
nigga Tigger
It's B.G. nigga thinkin 'bout the bigger figures
Think wisely, think about your life nigga
Think about your family and your kids and your wife
It's gettin hectic in these streets
So I suggest you think twice nigga


[Bone Crusher]
Here comes trouble motherfucker sound the alarm
I'm an elephant, ridin like Genghis Khan
These niggaz claimin hardco' but they wishy-washy
Batter bruise your body, leave you sloppy sloppy
Hey speak clear I can't hear what you sayin nigga
Open up your mouth when you talkin to a real nigga
And if you hardco' pimpin why'ontcha bring the heat
And we can get it on in the middle of the street


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