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I'm so unsure and a bit confused
but tell me what have I got to lose
I think that a chance exists
but I'm still guessing as to what the real truth is

A flood of thoughts, they invade my mind
am I swimming in a fishtank of lies?
compelled and scared to find the truth
it may not be the way I've seen it through

Will it be found true, will it be just right
will it make me whole, will it make me blind
will it bring me high, will it bring the prize
will it come in time, will it come to life

I'm not so good with the gambles in life
I want rewards with the risk put aside
but it just hasn't been dealt that way
so it's time to get crazy and to run with every day

When I'm afraid then I tell myself
nothing to fear not even fear itself
and it's ok if I make mistakes
cause it's better to learn than to let it slip away

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