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Find A Reason

Benny More

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Find a reason for believing
there's a greater life to be living
what I'd give to satisfy the purpose of my soul
I've wasted breath on some rewards
that just don't last, they've left me poor
spent it all to be someone whose world is insecure

Take a look at where I am
where is the start and end
have I strayed from the curious path
I was destined to walk in

I look deep and down inside
and find the shadows of my life
I'd give up everything and more
to have my dreams restored
I try to set my eyes ahead
so they can find their way again
to a place I can't forget
it's where the dreams and I first met

Find a life that you should try for
where there's passion and adventure
are there ways to redeem the times
you lost since you were born
is there treasure left to dig for
is there a dream that you would pray for
you're on your knees but you can't seem
to feel or touch the floor

Take a look at where you are
the end still seems so far
have you strayed from the courageous path
that was opened by your heart

So look deep and down inside
what still breathes? what's left and died?
what you'll give and what you've got
can change with just one thought
what you have expires the day
when you decide to put it away
so take what you've kept for yourself
and use it all or lose yourself

It's not too late, it's not too late
rescue me from my own indifference today

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