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Wise at times, but usually not when it's needed
From the start; a line that sees light in my head
For the sake of climbing the hills that are highest
Conversate to prove to the world; "I'm not dead!"
Travelling, a search for something without candles
Your sharpened eyes, can see all which you are not telling
I fear your words, a line that was spelled to the senseless,
Not for me; just for another face that you're selling

And it's coming out today
He's coming out today
She's coming out today
You're coming out today

Reflecting; the past in a time that is present
Wonderful and shimmering under your skin
Feel the heat, melting your growing cancer
It's all here in a box that is ready to begin

I'm in ice, but you can't see me in darkness
It's still cold, the walls are troubled but thin
Nothing's left to live for if you are not living
Your birth completed the worst of all sins

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