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His Love

B.b. Jay

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Yo, this one is going throughout the land
For everybody who felt like life done dealt you a bad hand
This one here is for all u mama's who got mad drama
And all u brother's, who's occupation is a struggler
For all u young heads trying to get ahead
Don't give up, hold on, god cares

[verse 1:]
Track the bombdiggy, mad heads like quizzie
(BB Jay Hound) that fat cat from bomb city
I'm a Don too, not like the rest
I suggest you analyze my source of success
Yo, we too blessed to be stressed dog, recognize
I put Christ before Christ, yo recognize
My dome is full of wired stains
Careers are over Jehovah makes me shine like the glass on my rings
The lord brings things full of bless
One father, one son, one spirit, but many anointed lyrics
Flow from the heart like a stream
It's a beautiful thing to represent Christ the king, kno' mean
At night I sing, hymns of spiritual rhythms
Same ones I used to hum when I walked venom
Now I'm play at towns, yo, whipping the butter in love
With shorty Dey, the one from BB Jay
Win souls like everyday, what the what
To win souls u must first get up off ur butt
Want something gotta hunt nothing easy in life
But all things u can do is pray to Christ yo

All his love is waiting for u
(His love is everlasting)
All his love is waiting for u

[verse 2:]
I'm at a pinnacle, looking at a word mad critical
Situation Ill on da real pitiful
Everything digital, no conscience no feeling
No reconciliation, no healing
Feeling kinda mad cold
Wickedness of places jokers can't go
Cause of this I'm just another chocolate child, tried to get down
But my crown's is like the rest motivation
Money, sex, success, what a combo
Rather have self respect, when the crowd goes
That's that, don't compromise Christ or nuttin'
The same whether u say it in English or Russian
Don't fling don't play that
The cross u gotta bear I can't weigh that
If it ain't the word of god don't say that
If u mad blame god, where the weight at


[verse 3:]
I'm not the one to judge, faith is firm won't budge
When Ace's turn or other cards does
What u read u sow, and what u don't u won't
What u know u know, and what u don't u blow
Sake the flow UDV, the motivator the innovator is who I be
The missionary holy revolutionary with the prophecy
Holy hip hop the 'postle the prophet mc
Next to me, demon mc don't chart
I bring the holy ruckus, wanna war don't start
From the heart I express the next event in the text
This is the hour and I got the power


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