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Grief Beggar


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My love you've spoilt my needs
I've been stepping on these egg shells,
You've been stepping on my throat
I left myself open to these wolves, organs exposed
My tendons kept us sewn as one
I hold her one last time before i leave this place
With the knowledge that she is unaware of what's happened
It's a pity to see you leave, but i'm keeping the best of me
The fearful always talk, always talk
You're a layer of sadness that won't go away
You're a half hidden home of death and i won't come up alive
Your passage was a lung
Knowing it will never last
Crossing out your name
Just moments of joy
God i hate the way i am around you
With bitter words i plead, hold me
We had our time together
Missed you more than i could bear
With a glad heart i had to let you go
Closing off the past, dreaming as i go
These things that unified us, caused us so much pain

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