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i will recall the seven days
that i walked on by
that little road
i could never find
i know now
you never lived, you hide
she walks on the next day
feeling so disgraced
saying life will never be
so bright for her
so close all the doors
let your spirit rise
then let your pain behind
so float with your soul
you know these days
you can't trust
if you are alone
don't spend your time
trying to save it
life is rolling fast
don't try to wait
the next day to come
i will put everything together
inside my head
and go to the next place
if you think twice
you might change your mind
cause you might be so secure
if you never think
you might save your life
and go straight to space
keep me sliding in here
i hope you don't mind
and help me
let me clear
words i said
and thoughts i had in mind
thoughts i had in mind
thoughts i had in mind
thoughts i had in mind

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