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Glass Shadow


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I think she is rising
on a day like these
to hit the sky to touch
and bring the sun
her lips are moving
in a liquid dream
and than they turn to stone
how do i get the hell
out of here
if my body keeps colliding
to anything that is near
and any vibe that comes from her
is not a sign of anyone i want
i guess her shadow
follows me around
it takes a jump and knocks me
on the ground
there is no place
for me to find to drown
and nowhere else closer
to go but drown
and nowhere else closer
to go but down
and on the coming day
she looks at me again
a quick smile
to become a friend
it´s the safest way
to forget the pain
that punches down my brain
searching for some life
and it was through that glass
my head's gone
my fear has grown
to shake me up side down

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