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Barefoot Truth

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I had an ice cream cone and a bottle of wine
To the rhythm we were moving we were doing alright
I started thinking to myself we're just swimming in the sea
And if we swim the same direction it would make easier to be
Part of the celebration for this thing called life, you might take it
for granted ya
I know that you might
But when your caught up in the current and the tide is going out take
the next wave in and then get out

Cause I'm just reeln', reeln' in the big one
How come I'm always just searching, searching for the right one to come along
Oh to come along and gimme some

You know we talk about these women like they're fish in the sea
But won't you tell brother what?s that make you and me?
It's just the purpose of existence that we're searching for but when
I've caught one, how come I want more? I keep burning the candle at
both ends and I already know how the story ends, I start pulling to
hard and my line begins to break so I reel in the hook and reset the
bait, I cast my line out and before too long I start to get a bite and
then the fight is on. Il keep my eye on the prize and my head on
tight cause I'm gonna bring this one home tonite.


Oh well its just another song for those summer night
And when your body lets go you know the mood is right
So jump hold of the rhythm and don't let go well we can take it fast
or we can move real slow but if it ain't working our I don't mean to
offend but go back to the sea to get caught again. Cause its just
another song song for the summertime all because an ice cream cone and
a bottle of wine.


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