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Mama's Minstrel

Barefoot Truth

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Everything is fine when I'm grooving to the sound of my Mama's minstrel
She said "remember the good times and the many more to come knocking on my door"
Well, I've walked these fields so long that the everyday
worries seem to fade away
It's like it's all there is in the world and I wouldn't wanna have it any other way

I don't need no motives or mind distractions
Sitting sipping on this cup of satisfaction
Though my style might be on it's way out of fashion
Ain't nothing gonna bring me down when I'm sipping on a
cup of satisfaction

Everything is alright when I feel a funky beat it really takes me home
Come rain or shine we'll be shaking all night so bring your
friends along
Well, this life is just falling into place like a never
ending set of dominoes
So sit back and relax, ease your mind, maybe pour yourself a drink of that something melow


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