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Baptised In Ice

Baptised in Ice

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I travel through these lands
Devastate by the wars
My destiny is die fighting
That says the runes
Send by Odin
To the great warriors
Following the truth trail.

My blood sword on my hand
Was thirsty for destruction.
This is the time of steel
I see the Death ride on it's horse
She carries the weaks
Down to eternal darkness.

In the valley of death their eternal lost
Will burning eternaly under the brightness fire's
In the valley of death their eternal lost
This is destiny for those aren't Baptised in Ice

Odin you are one eye powerfull god
Commend the pantheon riding the sky
Send the Asgard's Valkyries here
They'll carry the Valhalla's deads Baptised in Ice

And the valley of death is waiting our enemies
That will make the long travel without return
Fe'll unhappy soul , fe'll under the brightness fire

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