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The Nausea

Baphomet (Venezuela)

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Dismenbered soul, I always knew
you would never be prepared for this
In self-contemp you loose your name
falling in a point of nothingness.

Disguise your body to hide your shame
avoiding my revealing gaze
the whole of your being now seems to be clear
but your face still remains the same.

Don´t be afraid, pain will be pleasure
when your senses can open their locks
spread the cold venom in your veins
freezing the nerves of your petrified limbs.

Your faded shadow is melted wax
and you swim in its burning waves
I´m your sickness, I´m your health
I´ll take you to the wrinkles of life.

Welcome to my horrid hole
Welcome to my nauseant dread.

Put aside the will to live
take apart prejudice
see the morbid way you exist
Don´t hear me now, I´m not real.

Carrying along
the gods you have created
you still don´t feel my force
I´ve come from the unknown.

Better ways to die
I can show you with one hand
but I don´t need what you can give
you make the last choice.

Weird faces float in a four dimensional plane
Bodies within bodies being not bodies,
at least, the bodies I know.
Hanging organs, putrid ideas, worms
I have to know
I have to feel
I find more pain

Going down to mindless existence
there´s no more good or bad reasons.

Formless humanity, a brutal wound.
In your innards nothing is sure.
A shameful life, the same as death,
trying to leave the void in you.

Tied up by faith, tied up by form
tied by your will

No existent being at first or last
you´re still nothing

Your lord is dead, was ever dead
you couldn´t know

A viscous fluid trap your emotions
in this purulent world.

Break the subtle chains/ "What?"
the web where you´re in as a trapped fly.
Spit the holy things/ "Never!"
they´re just a tale of the greatest show.

None´s at your side, you´re a lonesome grain
in the fruitless human dune.
There´s something you can do/ "Tell me!"
only you can know you´re what you have done.

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