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S.s.k (say Swipe And Kill)

Band Aid X

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When you like a girl and she is so coveted
If you can kiss her you'll have some problems with your fake friends...

At the first time that I tried to kiss her
She said that I was a child
I've tried again, I've tried again
I conquered her and now I say

SSK, SSK} 4x

One of my friends likes to hug her
And it makes me fell like a piece of shit
I said to her that I don't like this
And she asked what problem in make it
I answered "With you no problems,
But with him, I shout loud"

SSK, SSK} 4x

Say Swipe and Kill

Until now I've been patient
But you're thinking that I'm kidding
Now I'm tired to quiet
And I'll swipe you by myself

SSK, SSK} 4x

I tried to tell you that I were sad
But you pretended don't hear it
Now I'll make you believe me
It's too late to you ask sorry
'Cause I'll solve the problem with my hands
"Sorry man!" I need to kill you

SSK, SSK} 8x
(It's mean)
Say Swipe and Kill

Now I kill you
Sorry I kill you ...

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