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Just Wanna Get Close To You

Baizura Ning

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Just wanna get close to you and love you, say i do
Just wanna get close to you, to your heart
Wanna wake up and see your face and love you day by day
I wanna get close to you, or nothing at all


You'll never know how much i think about you all day long
When i'm with you a new existence starts, it shines from up above
Don't be afraid, it's okay slowly we can take it
And cherish every little moment, like lovers do
Now i understand i only wanna make it work with you
Give me your hand, i'll take you in my world with a love so true
No second chance i promise i'm gonna take you higher
Serenade you with love songs that you want me to

Repeat refrain


And every night i'm craving for your love, i want you next to me
And everyday i want to know you're home just waiting patiently
Talk to me and tell me all your heart's desires
I'm gonna make you happy, give sweet love to you
So be with me, you won't look back, lets light the fire
And let it burn until we both get hotter & hotter & hotter
Now can't you see there's no pretending all i want is you
Realize my loving, baby make your move

Repeat refrain


Just wanna be loved by you
I wanna give my soul, my everything
So please, baby, let me in
I just want to get with you

Repeat refrain

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