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All Over Now

Baby Woodrose

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People try to push me and put me down
I can't ever find out what it's all about
They call me a loser, a freak and a clown
Had it up to here, man - but it's all over now

It used to feel right with you hanging around
But I heard the way you're talking about me all over town
If you can't get with it, get off of my cloud
Two's a crowd, babe - it's all over now

You ain't gonna tell me how to live no more
It's all over now, it's all over now
You ain't got the hold on me you had before
It's all over now, it's all over now yeah

Sometimes I wish there was an easy way out
I'd be gone by tomorrow without a doubt
If you can't live with me, you can do without
Take a look around, babe - it's all over now

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