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Baby Boy Da Prince

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Good evening
Introducing, a West Bank, Marrero representer
Straight from West Bank, New Orleans
Baby Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

[Baby Boy:]
You boys think I'm crippled cause I walk with a limp
A lil' shrimp, and I talks like a pimp
My momma had faith, never ever was a failure
Choppa City c'mon, now I'm sweatin like a welder
Now we gettin shows, makin Legends like Zelda
I was on the bench, now they got me in the game
People jumpin out of vans, now we jumpin out of planes
Man I'm a B-A-B-Y Boy
A slim lil' dude but I ride big toys
And if you're from that West Bank holla at'cha boy
And my East Bank niggaz pop a collar for ya boy
It's Baby Boy Da Prince and I'm worth 10 figures
And I'm from Marrero and this my set ni-gga!

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