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State City

BaBy Boi

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Verse:Get out the red beams, vests, & you best call ya team
cuz you know what's goin down when HNIC hit the scene
It's a warfare from ya church to ya county fair
Whereever you stay we ain't afraid to take it there
When you wake up we the type of boys that be on ya front porch sittin in rockin chairs wit gasoline & a wooden torch You understand what I'm sayin
see what the hell is goins on
Don't tell me how to do this I've been here too long
We move from city to state from state to city
let's see count the green or get in between those t----s Pass my cup of Smirn Off wit my dutch dog
If you think it's game c'mon what's up dog
Did I tell you punk bustas bout where I reside
ATL young scrappy one of East Points Finest
so next time you think twice about comin at me pimpin
think six more cuz it's 8 bullets in you pimpin

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