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My Pain Master

A.R.T. Project

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Well let me tell a little story
About a man I used to know
He had the greatest of convictions
And with a destiny to grow

But he became another victim
Another lover struck by pain
Yes it will leave you feeling useless
Like you've been left out in the rain

I guess you've got to be determined
When you're messin' round with love
Cause it can drag you to the devil
Or it can take you up above

G, D, Em
You will be the one to to hold my pain
You will be the one to show my fate

So you can ask me all your questions
I'll tell you all you want to know
Cause if you want to search inside me
I'll show you just the place to go

Because I want to feel your body
Oh so close to mine
Because I want to feel you coming
Right at the perfect time

I know that you can see the future
To show me all the things I need
To show me when I need to follow
Or when its time to take the lead
C, D, Em
I can't believe that I am lying and I'm crying on the floor
I can't believe that this could happen and its much worse than before
So please believe that I want more

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