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Bullshit is all that I hear
Bullshit, it s loud and clear
Bullshit is all that I m fed
Bullshit, by the nose I m led
Bullshit, verbal diarrhea to me
Bullshit, it flows like the sea
Bullshit is all that they say
Bullshit, 'til the end of the day

Bullshit from the corporate whore
Bullshit, with their marketing lure
Bullshit, like crap on my shoe
Bullshit is what they spew

Lies that flow from a deceptive mouth are bullshit to me
I don t fall for your twisted truth, stay away from me

Bullshit, you lie like a rug
Bullshit, so smart and smug
Bullshit from your wife and your kid
Bullshit for nothing you did
Bullshit, it rings in my head
Bullshit won t stop 'til I m dead
Bullshit, you re drying the well
Bullshit, you can go to hell


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