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The Man's Not Me


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I always thought you were too beautiful
That's why I never did you wrong
I cannot say this to your face, dear
That's why I hope you listen to this song

When you left you were my baby
I was always no fun
That's why I kept on acting crazy
Making you lazy, making you old
When all you needed to be was young

Why, why, why, why
Would a picture make me cry
You wanted love
But I'm not that guy

Please, please, please
Don't be cruel to me
You wanted to live
But now you see
The man's not me

Now I'm staring at a photo
Of you with gorgeous french dream
Oh, I bet you touched each other's bodies
I bet the passion made you scream

Does he give you coke and paint you a picture
In a little apartment by the sand?
Do you always talk about the boring, skinny fuck, yeah
The one you're never gonna see again

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