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All The Right Moves


All The Right Moves

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I'm as lonely as the blind man
Who has lost the sense of sound
I'm as desperate as the poor man
Who finds his dinner on the ground
I'm as broken as the picture frame
That you fling into the floor
I'm as reckless as a hurricane
And girl I can't take it anymore

I'm as empty as the beer can
That I drink to pass the time
I'm as helpless as a sick men
Who trades his money in fortune
I'm as fragile as the window pane
That we shared in our fights
I'm as reckless as a hurricane
So girl i'mleaving you tonight

I'm not okay (...)

So baby here's the chance to make things right
I'll give you one last chance before I stand back door and say goodbye

I'm not okay (...)

I'm as homesick as a one-way train
But girl I'm not coming home tonight

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