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Backward, Forward, Through

All Smiles

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I wonder if you've stayed the same
Kept your mind took back your name
If you'd be there to see me now
When you lose you say your winning
A false start a new beginning
But there's something about you.

Step backward, forward, through
Believing what you have to do
Is to dismantle each little clue
With your face against the plaster,
It's a signal that your master
Will fall faster than you

It ain't like everybody fades
You'll walk lock-step away
From this fumbling parade
Travel a million miles til you find what you want
'cuz nobody else gets to

I worry you won't realize
You're about to capsize
And you can sink or head for the ground
Walk away and disappear
As till cloud with nothing near,
But the weather around you

It ain't like no one's gonna sleep
Just putting pieces back,
Assembling their keep
Travel until you will find a way
To take back your name

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