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Alkonost tem o estilo Folk e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Years Of Prophecy (tradução)", "Beside Pyre (Lost Track To Sadness)", "Bloody Grasses".

222 acessos

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  1. Before The Epoch Of Twilight
  2. Beside Pyre (Lost Track To Sadness)
  3. Bloody Grasses
  4. Evil Times
  5. Holyday Of Fathers
  6. Ìàòü-òîñêà
  7. Life On Glory's Blade
  8. Life On Glory's Blade
  9. My Last Day
  10. Nevertimes
  11. Nivushka Niva
  12. Put' Neprojdennyj
  13. Put' Neprojdennyj
  14. Song Of Smith (Sledge Hammer!)
  15. Sun Shine Our Land
  16. Temple of the Forest
  17. The Abyss
  18. Unknown Lands
  19. Vortex Of Times
  20. Waiting
  21. War Is Closed By Us
  22. Years Of Prophecy
  23. Years Of Prophecy (tradução)

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