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Alejandro Escovedo

Alejandro Escovedo

Alejandro Escovedo tem o estilo Folk e suas músicas de sucesso são: "Emma Jean", "Love And Happiness", "Anything You Want".

332 acessos

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  1. Always A Friend
  2. Anything You Want
  3. Arizona
  4. Ashes Of Love
  5. Beautiful Lies
  6. Big Ole Brew
  7. Break This Time
  8. Cold, Cold Rain
  9. Crooked Frame
  10. Dancin' With The One You Love
  11. Dancing The Night Away
  12. Dear Head On The Wall
  13. Della's Long Brown Hair
  14. Died A Little Today
  15. Emma Jean
  16. Evita's Lullaby
  17. Farther On Down The Road
  18. Five Hearts Breaking
  19. Fool For The Woman
  20. Give Me The Flowers While I'm Living
  21. Guilty
  22. Hit The Nail On The Head
  23. Homestead In My Heart
  24. I Look For You, You're Not There I Got It Bad Like I Told You Be Fore I'm So In Love With You Don't Leave Me No More Lipstick Traces On a Cigarette Every Memory Lingers With Me Yet I Got It Bad
  25. I Pity The Mother And The Father (When The Kids Move Away)
  26. If I Just Knew What To Say
  27. Last Letter Home
  28. Life's Railway To Heaven
  29. Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette)
  30. Little Bottles
  31. Looking For Love
  32. Love And Happiness
  33. Nickel And A Spoon
  34. Notes On Air
  35. Pissed Off 2 Am
  36. Put You Down
  37. Sex Beat
  38. Sister Lost Soul
  39. Slow Down
  40. Sometimes
  41. Take Your Place
  42. The Boxing Mirror
  43. Tired Skin
  44. Tugboat
  45. With These Hands

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