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Alaska Thunderfuck

The Shade Of It All (feat. Courtney Act & Willam)

Alaska Thunderfuck

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Once there was a time.
I thought that I
Never would be without you
Now I look around and find
I'm on my own

And I can't stop thinking about you
Or to be on the bottom, once you've been on the top?
Had a good thing going
Didn't want it to stop
Oh why?

It's a lonely christmas morning
Now I'm out in the rain
And I can't find the sun
My summer vacation has turned into fun{?}.
The shade of it all.

Now I'm so far away (where'd ya go, where'd you go)
Without a home (she's homeless)
Like a moon without a sun (where's the sun, where's the sun)
Looking for a friendly face
I see so many (1, 2, 3, 4, 5...)
They only just remind me of one (one)

Now I'm trying to swim while I'm watching you fly
Feeling so low, so I try to stay high to fly
Ohh wait all this hurting
And I try to look strong, but I'm feeling so weak
I try to act big, but you know that I'm small
The Shade of it all

Why's it gotta be like this
I can't be the only one on earth to feel like this
Look around and I see I've got the strength inside me
And it's been there
Yeah, it's been there
All along

Now I've got a brighter day??
Now it seems the story's just begun
We've gotta fight away the shame
Let's start today
And we all can shine on as one

So let's take all the hate, and replace it with love
Take a journey below, so we can get up above
And world can start rejoicing

You're the beacon of light
And you'll shine through the dark
We can light up the world
All it takes is a spark
Let's all
We can light up the shade of it all

so shady, so shady, so shady
We can light up the shade of it all

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