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Al' Tariq

Foxxy Brown

Al' Tariq

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Ladies and gentlemens.. all the way live.. from the Q
Al' Tariq, look, look

I'm round 135th, thirty-three thirty-three
Cuz-o crib, where all them greasy dirties be
Niggaz, gettin them evil papes and it don't matter
whether you brother or sister take you out fo' the batter
AIGHT? So check the scene, we in front of the build'
Me, Spud and Berg tossin grills hittin Phil's and then
out of nowhere, look what I see steppin in our direction
Body definitely kept in
the best shape that's possible, and yo it's probable
that I could bag her, I'm fiendin to have her
I tap her, what's yo' name lovely?
Body's bone-crushin, some Pam Grier shit and right there
she started blushin so you know how I'm thinkin peep the drama
We gon' slide up to my crib and continue like some karma(?)'s
black momma, not no white momma, I got the right momma
Got this sexy brown momma

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
"I want a down hoe, a Foxxy Brown hoe, I want a down hoe.."
"She sho' is BAD!"
"I want a down hoe, a Foxxy Brown hoe, I want a down hoe.."
"She sho' is BAD!"

[Al' Tariq]
Look, I was like the Mack, to her Foxxy Brown
_Cotton Comes to Harlem_ gettin this money Uptown
"Showtime at the Apollo," games up at the Rutgers
All eyes on, we just some fly muh'fuckers
Got these suckers live in fear we like three the hard way
Me Fox and cuz-o Spud we just feed the hard way

Just creamin all day, plus my clan's all in it
We not just tryin to run it, nigga we tryin to win it
And since we killin in it, you know here come the leaches
Lookin fo' they share, blowin shit like some speakers
But my boo is my keeper, you know she gon' protect me
Ms. Cleopatra J

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