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Sound Life

Akima & Neos

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So... On the first night,
a pebble falls to the earth from somewhere

So... On the second night,
The pebble's children hold hands and sketch a waltz.
Sound life

So... On the third night,
The children of the waltz cause ripples on the face of the world.

So... On the fourth night,
the children of the wave spray the shore.
Sound life

So... On the fifth night,
those shards strike the face of the earth over and over.

So... On the sixth night,
those signals bring travellers together.
Sound life

So... On the seventh night,
a weightless ship races to the sky.

So... On the eighth morning,
a song from somewhere reaches my ears.
Sound life

Well then... A song that has recorded everything
echoes to the new sky.
Sound life
Sound life

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