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Agents Of Mercy

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The things that makes you smile
The songs that get you by
The things that makes you try
The songs that make you cry

Those were the days of sorrow - those were the days

His royal darkness comes in many shapes
He walks behind your big blue eyes
Is he a devil or a superstar?
He leads you on with clever lies
Look out for that cunning little devil!
He is a devil and a superstar!!
Don't look away - don't close your eyes!

Black eyes and broken wings -
Black angeldust came down from heaven
A new and darker sun is shining on our pitchblack rebel
He might be glorious - beyond belief victorious
I don't know where he stand - but I just say he ain't my friend!

It's time to reconcile
It's time for one more smile
It's time to spread those wings and touch the sky

God bless you!

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